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The surgeon will first discuss the procedure with you. If you agree to go ahead then he will take your child into the procedure room. He will first apply local anaesthetic - it is common for all children to cry at this stage.

He will then wait for a short while for the anaesthetic to work. He will separate the foreskin (prepuce) from the underlying glans and clean the accumulated smegma. He will measure your child for the appropriate ring size and fix it to the foreskin. He will remove the excess skin leaving behind a rim of tissue which will drop off with the ring, usually within the first 3-7 days.

It is usual for the child to feel the presence of the ring and the cut - he will be more irritable than usual and cry more for the first few days. Please do not apply vaseline (white petrolatum), ointment, oil, cream or soap to the area until after the Plastibell falls off. Otherwise, the ring will slip and a second procedure will be needed to remove the ring. During this time there will be swelling of the area, some smell, slight blood / yellowish discharge and the skin will gradually change colour - do not worry as these will soon get better. Give your child daily bath with warm water and keep the area clean to reduce the risks of infection - however, do not pull the ring but let it drop off on its own.

The wound will heal fully in 2-4 weeks - until then it is a good idea to put on loose-fitting clothes.

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These pictures are provided to illustrate the way the circumcised penis may look immediately after circumcision - these appearances are usually not of concern as the final appearance 2-4 weeks after circumcision will be much better.

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